Between the sharp cliffs and the scorching hot desert, at the very edge of the world there blooms the Black Flower of Abbarr. The citadel of beasts, where outcasts find shelter, where green flame of the Abyss burns. Here strength and weakness are knotted together, reviving ancient myths and prophecies…

People come here to run away from their past, their enemies and friends, and from themselves. Here Ashry starts a new life. But it looks like the quiet times are over, as ominous shadow covers the white walls of Abbarr, turning all that’s dear into ashes…

The realm of endless sands. The mystery of the Abyss flame
Three races. One city. Common fate

“Remember, my name is Ahsry of Poogaton”, the elving whispered. “And I will show you the Abyss…”
“We are but a vessel for the flame, and sometimes there’s not enough room for it,” Abbys shrugged. “So, let’s hear your question.”
“For I am Ormu. I am Time and Power, and I shall decide when Abbarr blooms and when it withers.”

Illustrated fantasy novel by Helga Wojik

A fascinating fantasy story
A setting with its own unique mythology and inhabitants
Vivid catchy characters
Adventures, intrigues, investigations
Fairytale-like atmosphere
More than 50 author’s illustrations

~ The ashes of hope will give us wings ~